Regional universal scientific
library named after L. N. Tolstoy
"Awareness - Safety"
Dear Readers!

On August and September American Corner of Kostanay Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Leo Tolstoy held a series of lectures on the Instagram social network and on the Zoom videoconferencing platform dedicated to the problem of human trafficking and its elimination, about modern forms of human trafficking, in particular - labor and sexual exploitation, forced marriages, forced involvement of children in begging and involvement in debt bondage.

The speaker was Alexander Kossyuk, the coordinator of the Kostanay branch of the Public Association of Kazakhstan Association on Sexual and Reproductive Health (KASRH). The idea of the lectures was: "We are residents of the same city, region and country must be intolerant, speak and condemn the illegality and illegality of exploitation, try to help, if you witness such a terrible crime, you can save someone's life." There are two helpline numbers to report people in difficult situations in the Republic of Kazakhstan: 11616 or 150.

79 people watched both lectures in the Instagram Live, it saved on the Instagram page @american_corner_kostanay.

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