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"Kazakhstan and the USA - an expanded strategic partnership in the XXI century" (30 years of friendly relations between Kazakhstan and the USA)

On April 22 at 4 pm on the Zoom platform, the American Corner and universal reading room held a prestige meeting “Kazakhstan and the United States - an expanded strategic partnership in the 21st century: 30 years of friendly relations between Kazakhstan and the United States”. The meeting was held in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

The speakers at the meeting were alumni of the programs of the US Department of State: Darikha Dusibaeva – head of KRSLnamed after L.N. Tolstoy, a graduate of the IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program); Alexandra Makovey– certified teacher of English as a second language (TESOL), graduate of the FLEX program (Future Leaders Exchange); Nurym Auyezkhan – eco-activist in Kostanay, creator of media @ecokomek, alumnus of the Access program. The speakers spoke about their collaboration with the American Corner, as well as their experience of participating in educational programs. A special guest of the meeting was Amber Ora, Culture Press Attaché of the US Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The speaker greeted the participants of the meeting in the Kazakh language, told her story of learning the state language. Students of universities and colleges of Kostanay region learned about the history of 30 years of fruitful cooperation between the two states and the work of the American Corners of Kazakhstan. At the end of the meeting, a quiz was held for the audience on the Kahoot! Platform, as a result of which the three most attentive participants won incentive prizes.

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