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ACK - Страница американского уголка

Information - Resource Center

"American Corner" offers opportunities:

-          To learn English;

-          To improve speaking skills

-          To get new information about possibilities of studying in the USA and cultural exchange between Kazakhstan and USA

-          To use electronic library resources

-          To volunteer

-          To spend time in English-speaking environment

-          To find new friends in Kazakhstan and in the USA

The most important aim of American corner is intercultural exchange for the purpose of strengthening mutual understanding between people from Kazakhstan and the USA in Kostanay region.

The objectives of the American Corner:

-          To provide accurate information about the USA, government, social development and socio-cultural values ​​of the people from USA to people from Kostanay region, and vice versa.

-          To host open dialog for visitors of American corner with the help of program which are administered by the American government through the embassy of the USA in Kazakhstan with the help of offices developing English in Central Asia, Alumni Association of American programs in Kazakhstan and organizations accredited by the U.S. State Department.

-          To provide access to English-language resources which are located in American Corners and Online.

-          To maximize the effectiveness of different types of support, which are provided by U.S. Embassy to American Corner.


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