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«The strength of the people is in the unity of the country»

Dear Readers!

 On April 29 of this year, within the framework of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the universal reading room held the ethnofestival " The strength of the people is in the unity of the country " dedicated to the Day of the Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.

The cultural program of the ethnic festival was aimed at expanding and strengthening a single cultural space, promoting national cultural traditions, spiritual and moral values of our multinational country.

The ethnofestival was attended by the Associate Professor, Candidate of Philosophical sciences of the Department of Philosophy, KRU named after A. Baitursynov Alshanova Bagytzhan Khamitovna, soloists of the Cossack and Slavic song ensemble Svetlana Obukhova and Natalya Pikuleva, laureate of the tatar song contest "Golden Voice" Radik Vildyanov, Caucasian dance studio «Highlanders of Akhysk»  under the direction of Rahim Abilov, representative of the Ukrainian and Polish  ethnocultural associations Valentina Kraichinskaya and other creative teams.

A book exhibition on this topic, as well as objects of decorative and applied art of ethnocultural associations of our region, was offered to the guests of the ethnofestival.

The Ethnofestival contributed to the organization of cultural leisure, the formation of interest in ethnic music and dance art.

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