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International Day Against Exploration of Child Labour

The American Corner of Kostanay Regional Universal Scientific Library named after L.N. Tolstoy together with the "Damytu" Public Foundation and the Kostanay branch of the Public Association of Kazakhstan Association on Sexual and Reproductive Health (KASRH) held a live broadcast in the social network Instagram. The speaker was Nina Kosyuk. The slogan of the broadcast was: «Childhood is given to develop, play, learn, but not to work!»

During the broadcast, the speaker pointed out that the problem of exploitation of child labor is always relevant. Children need to be explained their rights. A large number of children sometimes do not understand that they are exploited. It is important to remember: to prevent the problem, you have to talk about it, to make children aware of the illegality and wrongness of exploitation. It is also worth seeing the difference between "exploitation" and "labor training.

There are two helpline numbers to report children in difficult situations in the Republic of Kazakhstan: 11616 or 150. The fight against the worst form of child labor is ongoing and around the clock.

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