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Track of memory is indelible
Foreign Language Department of RUSL named of L.N. Tolstoy within the framework of Decade of books and copyright «There is a memory that will not be forgotten and the glory which will not have an end» devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory of Great Patriotic war, held a thematic meeting "Track of memory is indelible ".
Than farther war from us, than less remains it’s participants and witnesses, the more memory and importance of Great Victory. The event was devoted to the theme of difficult military and post-war childhood and crucibles, happened with people of that time.
At the meeting presented public figures, publicists: Denisov A.S., Seidalin S.K., intellectuals and representatives of national communities of the city.
The event accompanied by musical numbers of military subjects, video presentation "Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War", "Children of War.

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